Wrapped in God's Protection

--by Amanda Figgins

 Proverbs 15:3…“The Lord is watching everywhere, keeping an eye on both the evil and good.”

Have you felt the brush of the devil on your skin?  I definitely say I have…

In high school, a good friend of mine at the time had a sleep over with a bunch of girls.  Although I didn’t know the other girls well, I still went hoping to have a great adventure with little sleep (of course).  As was typical for me, I was reserved from the others and did not participate in most everything they deemed as fun.  The one activity that I remember so clearly from that night was the Ouija Board.  As I had heard bad things about the “game,” I decided – once again – to sit this one out.  I was raised in a strong faith family and I was not about to purposely step into what was possibly Satan’s territory.

As this spooky game advanced, and I was the only one in the group not participating, I felt colder and colder along with a random swirling breeze around me.   This wasn’t a constant breeze, or a window was open breeze, but more of a “something brushed against me” and a light drafty breeze.  I mentioned how I was feeling and asked for a blanket – no one else felt the drafty breeze, and everyone was warm.  

Throughout the game, one other girl decided to quit playing for a brief time.  She also got extremely cold and felt what I was experiencing, which made her thrust herself back into the game.   As for me, I was frozen, didn’t feel well, and fell asleep on the couch wrapped up in a warm blanket. 

I knew what I felt around me that night was not right, but no matter what tricks Satan tried on me they didn’t work.  With God as my guide and defender, I knew that Satan truly couldn’t touch me.  He may have tried to scare me, but I want no parts of anything that would make me feel that bad in order for me to join in his games.  As I wrapped up in that blanket, I knew I was also wrapped up in God’s love and protection.  He would never make me feel bad!

We must always be vigilant for any games Satan may try to use to entrap us.  We must also remember that in any situation, even when facing evil, God is watching over us and will protect us against all things bad.

Dear God -  We thank you for your constant and unfailing protection, love, guidance, and grace that we often times don’t deserve.  We ask that you continue to guide us in making the right choices as You help us navigate life, and ask for forgiveness in those times when we did not fully seek You or did not make the right decisions.  We pray that Your continued grace will fall upon us as we try to follow You better.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.