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I am first and foremost a disciple of Jesus Christ. I continually seek to become more like Him and abide in Him. My peace, strength and joy come from knowing Jesus personally through God’s Holy Word.   I know that only by the power of the Holy Spirit—and His work in my life—have I become the woman I am today. 

Jennifer Cadamore Ministries was founded in 2011 and is grounded in the living, active Word of God, which I unapologetically stand on and teach from. I am passionately committed to teaching girls and women the importance of knowing Scripture and how to effectively apply it their lives so that it affects their lives and, ultimately, the lives of those around them. I believe that if girls can grasp the principles of the Scriptures while they’re young, they will be better prepared for life, particularly during their teen years, when so often they are faced with some really difficult choices and challenges. I also believe that it’s never too late to begin. Because I believe in the transforming power of the Bible, part of the ministry’s outreach is to give free Bibles to those in need.

I was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, one of four children.  My dad worked two jobs to support the family while my mom stayed home with us kids. I attended church throughout my youth but sadly I don’t ever recall being told that Jesus loved me or that faith was about relationship instead of performing the right rituals. But I did believe in God and I did talk with Him, especially when troubles arose.  We were not grounded in the Word but I would often pick up my grandma’s Bible and try to understand what I was reading.  The writing style of the King James Version was especially difficult for me and, unfortunately, with no one to guide me through it or explain it, I struggled to grasp the message. Often discouraged, many months (sometimes years) would pass before picking it up again.

I graduated from high school and attended Clarion University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Communication, my focus on public relations and media, particularly writing, editing, and television. It was on this campus, at the age of 18, that I would come to understand that I needed to invite Jesus into my heart and enter into a relationship with Him.  Unfortunately, however, I continued to live my life in a way that was governed by my own opinions and guidelines instead of God's. 

Ten years passed before I would completely surrender my life to Jesus Christ at the age of 28.  Now He was not only my Savior but also Lord of my life. God faithfully pours out His unfathomable mercy, grace, patience and unconditional love upon me, even when I least deserve it. He does the same for you, too. It’s important to understand that if we’re going to call ourselves Christians, we need to give God everything of our lives and not be complacent, mediocre Christians. God deserves so much more than a half-hearted attempt at living for Him.

I am a Bible teacher, conference speaker and writer. My new devotional, You Are Beautiful! Devotions to Help You Understand Your Worth & Purpose,  is available on Amazon, in both paperback and eBook formats. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and you can go to my YouTube channel to see the latest uploaded video lessons (simply click on YouTube to visit my channel). You can also find me on Christian Women Speakers (click on Christian Women Speakers to visit the website and for more info on my ministry).

Celebrating 26 years of marriage, Brian and I have owned and operated our construction company for as long as we’ve been married, where I serve as bookkeeper. I feel so blessed to have been a stay at home mom to our three sons, now ages 23, 21 and 16, who are genuinely kind, respectful, intelligent and hardworking young men.  Most importantly, though, is that each of them knows where their real treasure lies and will spend eternity in Heaven with the Lord!

My hobbies include writing, reading, running and any outdoor activities.

Looking back at those beginning moments spent in my grandma's Bible, I certainly never dreamed that one day I would answer God’s call to teach others about it! I am so grateful that He didn't allow me to give up, but pursued me and nudged me to return time and again. For however long I have on this earth, I intend to serve Him according to His plans and purposes for my life.

May you be blessed with strength and joy,


* Please note *

I will not teach to any groups that contain men, keeping in line with the Biblical principle found in 1 Timothy 2:12.


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