Jennifer was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, one of four children.  Her dad worked two jobs to support the family while her mom stayed home to raise the children. She attended church throughout her youth but sadly had never been told Jesus loved her, never learned that faith was about relationship instead of performing the right rituals and certainly never dreamed that someday she would answer God’s call to preach the Gospel to anyone, anywhere. But she did believe in God and talked to Him every Saturday night in church and knew she could turn to Him when troubles arose.  The family was not grounded in the Word but Jennifer would often pick up her grandma’s Bible and try to understand what she was reading.  The writing style of the King James Version was especially difficult for her and, unfortunately, with no one to guide her through it or explain it, she struggled to grasp the message. Often discouraged, many months would pass before picking it up again.

She graduated from high school and attended Clarion University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a BS in Communications, her focus on media, particularly writing, editing, and television. It was on this campus, at the age of 18, that she would once again read the Word and for the first time come to understand that she needed to invite Jesus into her life and enter into a relationship with Him.  Unfortunately, however, she continued to live her life in a way that was governed by her own opinions and guidelines instead of God's. 

Ten years passed before Jennifer surrendered her life to Jesus Christ at the age of 28.  Now He was not only her Savior but also Lord of her life. She has never been the same and so began her journey of soaking up Scripture like a sponge and applying it to her life, reaping the benefits and blessings that God promises.  

Since giving her life to Christ all those years ago, she has pored over the Scriptures, daily studying and praying for God’s wisdom and guidance.  She has taken the Disciple course, participated in several other long-term Biblical studies, and ONLY by the power of the Holy Spirit--and His work in her life-- has she become the woman she is today. Throughout her walk, He has time and again grown her faith by showing His steadfast character, unending love and Truth

Jennifer is first and foremost a disciple of Jesus Christ and knows she is a beloved child of God.  Her peace, strength and joy come from knowing Jesus personally and having accepted His free gift of salvation.  She loves to teach the Word to anyone, but is passionately committed to teaching other women the importance of knowing Scripture and how to effectively apply it to their lives so that it affects their lives and the lives of those around them. She wants others to know that we are to give God 100% of ourselves and not be mediocre Christians because God deserves so much more than a half-hearted attempt at living for Him.  She especially wants to reach girls in their youth so that they are deeply rooted in the Word and their faith, particularly during their teen years, when so often they are faced with new challenges.

She is a speaker at women's events, hosts workshops and seminars, and is in the process of writing a devotional based on her You Are Beautifullesson. She also fills in for vacationing pastors. She is a member of Zion United Methodist Church in Sarver, Pennsylvania where she is a high school level Sunday school teacher and has led a women’s weekly Bible study for nine years. You can find her on Facebook and you can go to YouTube  to see the latest uploaded video lessons (simply click on YouTube to visit her channel). You can also find her on Christian Women Speakers (click on Christian Women Speakers to visit the website and for more info on her ministry).

Jennifer and Brian will celebrate 25 years of marriage this summer.  Together they have owned and operated their construction company for as long as they’ve been married, with Jennifer serving as bookkeeper. She feels blessed to have been a stay at home mom to their three boys, now ages 22, 20 and 15, who she describes as "genuinely kind, respectful, intelligent and hardworking young men".  Most importantly, though, is that each of them knows where their real treasure lies and will spend eternity in Heaven with the Lord!

Her hobbies include writing, reading, running and any outdoor activities, especially those spent with Brian and the boys.

Looking back at those beginning moments spent in her grandma's Bible, she is grateful the Lord didn't allow her to give up, but pursued her, nudging her to return.  Praise be to God!  In return, for however long she has on this earth and with any opportunities He presents, she intends to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ and teach others the importance of knowing, loving and glorifying the Lord God.